The first line, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” is a line we know so well, we can hear it and fill in the rest; but do we ever stop and consider what this means? I shall not want– wow, really? I want all the time. The world bombards us with opportunities to want all the time, 24/7, on-line, at a store, there are more ways to shop, more advertising to convince us we do not have enough.

Make a list of blessings and wants this week.
Take just five minutes and write down in one column of a sheet of paper the ten things for which you are most grateful in your lives. In the other column, write down the ten things you most want right now.

Once the two columns are complete, consider this question: Which would have a greater impact, losing all the things for which you are grateful or gaining all the things you currently want?

It is true that there are things we need such as jobs, a car, health, things that may not be ours right at this moment. Yet if we spend just a few minutes thinking about the things we are most grateful for right now, we begin to see the abundance God has blessed us with, instead of the scarcity we feel at times.

Give thanks to God for all the things you are grateful for, and consider how God takes care of you and your needs. PS. I’d love for you to share your reflections with me via email. Even though I am away, I still pray for you all.

Pastor Angela