Listen. Listen deeply

Chatting with God: You and I, Lord

“To not listen to God who is trying to speak to me, is to restrict myself to a disorientated and hollow life. The glory of God is the human person fully alive, and I am brought to life by listening to God’s word. So I pick a phrase or scene from the daily readings to nourish me...
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Held in God's love and care, we grow

Health and Wholeness Minsitry

Living Saviour is pleased to offer an additional ministry with the stated purpose: “To partner with our Creator to restore and maintain Health and Wholeness to all of Creation” This ministry seeks to integrate the whole being, body, mind and spirit through education,...
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The church is like an Airport?!?

A long time ago I was fortunate to be able to travel to a conference in Florida  (titled “Leading Well”). I was fortunate because of the congregation’s generosity for my continuing education both in time and financial well-being.  So, I book my travel, head to...
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